Garage Door Motors

Centurion X-Track Garage Door Motor


Battery Back up
Daily Operations 20
Lifting Force 1200n
Travel Speed 90 – 125mm/sec (Adjustable)
Max Door Size – max door width 6.5m
Quite and smooth operation
Adaptive Anti-Crushing Control
Adjustable speed control
Holiday lockout mode – Deactivate all the Remotes with one press of a button for when you go on those long               holidays, to reactivate all your remote controls , just press the same button and your oparator will continue to work  as always.
Auto close Facility – Recommended to have beams installe if this facility is activated
Courtesy light control
Can Be Operated of a Solar Pannel

Centurion Rdo Garage Door Motors


Battery Back Up
Opener Lifting Force 30kgf
Door Travel Speed 100-150mm/sec
Daily Operations 20
Can Operate of a Solar Pannel.
Courtesy Light
Auto Close Facility – Safety beams must be installed if this function is activated.
Anti Crushing Control.

Lazer Garage Door Operator




Automatic Light( Stays on for 4 mins)
Operates on mains power, in the event of power failure the motor will smoothly switch over to battery power witout any interruption to function.
Autoclose facility (10-75 secs)
External lcd to keep you informed
Electronic anti crush feature
Magnectic lock facility for added security
Manual override facility
External lcd screen indicating Mains Failure, Low Battery, Remote battery low, Service due
Technical Specifications
Max operations 20 per day


Lazer Park Assist



Tired of dents and scraches on you Vehicle.
Try the new Lazer Park Assist.
Laser to be mounted on the Ceiling guiding you when to stop when parking your car inside the Garage