Traffic Barriers

Centurion Sector Boom Gates



Lots of Traffic, needs a boom gate that goes up and down really fast, the Sector boom gate is the way to go. The Sector can raise up to 3m Boom pole in 1.2secs, designed for tough, high volume traffic control.

12V Battery operated.
Max Daily Operations 3000
Adjustable speed settings.
Can Oparate of a solar supply


Sector 3 – 3m Boom Pole -Raising time 1.2secs
Sector 4 – 4.5m Boom Pole – Raising time 3 secs
Sector5 – 6m Boom Pole – Raising time 3 secs

Centurion Centinel Manual Boom Gates




Centinel 3 – 3m Pole
Centinel 4.5 – 4.5m Pole
Centinel 6 – 6m Pole

Perfect and cost effective for a place where the is permanent gaurds on site.
But what if there is a lot of traffic flow, will the happiest gaurd need to stand there, keeping the boom open until he is not so happy anymore, not with the centinel manual traffic barrier installed, to secure the pole in the upright or Lowered position, simply turn the easy to use thumb wheel to secure the boom in a specific Position.


Centurion Trapex Boom Gate



The Trapex Barrier fence is designed to prevent pedestrians from unauthorized access by simply slipping in underneath the boom pole.

The all Weather aluminium construction makes it perfect for coastal and inland applications.


Centurion Claws



Give your traffic Barrier Claws, an effective deterrent for high volume traffic control, designed to provide a compelling reason for criminals to re-consider their approach.

Claws are available in four different configurations,these can be divided into two types of categories.
Flush mount models that are flush with the road surface or surface mount models for installations that are mounted above the road surface.

The flush mount models are ideal for installations that requires seamless traffic control for smooth flowing traffic where the surface mount models are mounted above the ground level to create a traffic calming bump, slowing traffic to a safer access point.

Both flush and surface mount models are available in either direct drive which utillises the Sector Barrier drive Mechanism, or independent drive models which have their on drive Mechanism and controllers.

Robust construction build to withstand impacts from vehicles.
Reliable battery Back up.
All moving parts are removable for easy maintenance.
indirect drive models can operate independently of traffic barrier units.
All Weather construction
Supports output for Robot Interface
Adjustable speed.
Spikes can move independently of the sector, such as lowering before the barrier raises, and raise only once the barrier has lowered.

Centurion Traffic Lighs



The Centurion Midi Traffic Light can interface with almost any Automated system including the Sector High Volume traffic Barrier and claws Roadway spikes, it Provides Visual indication to vehicles when it is save to proceed into or out of an access controlled area.
Pedestal and wall mount Applications available.
Approx 50 000 hours life span
Flexible input voltage range
Low Power Consumption.